Brie EP 1400 .png


Label: Independent

Genre: Soul-Folk/Rock

Hometown: Asheville

Influences: John Mayer, Bonnie Raitt, Ryan Adams

Sounds like: Joni Mitchell, Adele, Dawes 

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2012 with a B.A. in Professional Music, Brie Capone moved to New York City where she performed in legendary venues including The Bitter End, Bowery Electric and Rockwood Music Hall. 

In 2016, Capone returned to her hometown of Asheville, NC to record her first solo EP Orbit at Echo Mountain Recording Studios. Following the release of Orbit, Capone achieved notable success; she was named New Song Music's LEAF Festival Singer-Songwriter winner, performed alongside Andy Palmer at Kennedy Center and competed in New Song Music's songwriting competition at Lincoln Center. 

"...her voice, spine-stingingly soulful, has a stop-you-in-your tracks essence." - Alex Gallacher, FOLK RADIO UK

"We hear tastes from Natalie Merchant, Billy Joel, and Bonnie Raitt." -Ryan Cassata, ROCK THE PIGEON 

"a distinctive sound that is deeply soulful, intimate, jazz-inflected, and sensuous." -Ali McGhee, AVL GRIT

"The song’s swaying beat + lush, full-bodied vocals make it perfect for toe-tapping, hip-swaying, or straight up, no-holds-barred dancing. " -AVL TODAY


‘If I Let You In’ is Brie Capone’s highly anticipated sophomore EP. Delicate like morning light yet as arresting as a thunderstorm, ‘If I Let You in’ is a dynamic collection of songs that showcase Capone’s vocal finesse. Settling somewhere between vintage-pop and soulful alt-country, Capone expresses an empowering vulnerability reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, Adele and Blake Mills. ‘If I Let You In’ is a sonic narrative of Brie's journey to trust her instincts. 

Capone’s full band arrangements are both classic and contemporary, drawing inspiration from Dawes and Bon Iver.

Following the release of ‘If I Let You In,’ Capone will tour nationally to promote the EP.

Brie Capone- Vocals

Jack Victor- Drums, Percussion

Zack Kardon- Electric Guitars

Merrick Noyes- Piano, Organ, Keyboards

Scott Gorski- Upright Bass

Olivia Springer- Violin

Emily Spreng- Cello

Jim Aaron- Clarinet

Peter Brownlee- Acoustic/electric Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Vocals, Production